Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Glorification of Perfection

Life hands me tasks daily, and being the highly anxious person that I am, I stress over these things constantly. Also, I am a perfectionist. Everything must be exactly right before I move on with anything. Now this stands in the way of reality

Reality is, I am a mess. You are a mess. We all are a mess. 
Then why do we glorify perfection? Why do we lift it so high up, for all to bask in?

Stop. Stop giving perfection all your attention and embrace your messiness.

Remember, we are disasters, we are messy, we fail. We run run run through life, without taking a moment to stop. breathe. consider the blessings. Sometimes we tread through the oceans of life; each crashing wave slamming us back into the rocks. Yet we have to keep swimming. Just keep your eyes above the waves.

// But we are beautiful disasters //

And lastly, we are not failures. Don't ever forget that.