Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whoa It's Been a While...

Hey stranger. 

I know. Shame on me. 
I have been so very neglectful of this poor little blog and my few faithful readers. 

Well, here you go. Just another small peek in the life of Sayda Jaycee. It's not much. Just  confusing, unfortunate, exciting, fantabulous, boring, joyful, and filled with Grace. 

A few things: 

Yeah, I have some pictures for you all. :) Not too many, but some.

The quality is not the best on these, they've been tossed back and forth computers many times. 

Anyway, those few things: 

I was indeed gone for three weeks this summer traveling the East Coast staying with friends and family. A few stops were: New York City (favorite!), Washington DC, Portland Maine, and North Carolina. All of which were beautiful to capture. 

If you follow my journey on INSTAGRAM, you would be a little more familiar with my recent excursions. 

I have been in school for the past two and a half weeks. And I am quite aware how early that is. I went back August 9th.... So entirely soon. But you know, summer was good. Short. Yet good. So I am continually thankful for my experiences. 

School has its pros and cons. Less freedom, homework, drama, etc. Friends, English, lunch, etc. So all in all it hasn't been terrible. :) 

Some summer snapshots:

I was able to FINALLY master the French macaroon!

And I fell in love with blooms. (Once again) 

Sorry for such a long post. I would love to do a "recently" post. Life, etc. Just let me know if that's something you'd like to see! Thanks for reading, everyone!


        ~Sayda Jaycee