Thursday, February 11, 2016

Recent Wellness

Hello Lovelies, I hope you're all doing terrifical. :)

As you might have know, I deal with health issues daily, (and they have gotten a million times better) but, I discovered that living an overall healthy lifestyle makes it all the more tolerable. 
Thus, I have done a few things: 

Beneficial food is a must. 
Gluten, Dairy, and refined sugars are out of the picture at this point. 
I know, I know. 
Chocolate chip cookies and bread with butter right out of the oven is to die for. 
But with discipline comes reward. 
At least I hope. 

Anywho, things are doing amazing right now for me. 
School is a blessing 100% 
It's a challenge, an opportunity, and a journey. And I am more than thankful for it. 

And photography? Well, I haven't forgotten about it. Though, I'd have to pencil it in nowadays. 
But occasionally I'll take a few snaps. 

And yes, all of these photos are taken with my iPhone. Not breaking out the fancy camera recently. But it'll be back. I'll be back. Just not now. 

Thank you for following my messy life, it's an honor to hear from you all, yet still. 
I would love to give back to you all somehow. 
Maybe I'll do a giveaway of some sort, I haven't decided yet. Also, let me know if you want YouTube videos, I haven't had a super strong urge to make them, but I've definitely thought about it. 

Oh, and hey. Can we just talk about Avocados for a sec? 
They're so gorgeous + filled with delicious fatty acids! 


God bless, 
                               ~Sayda Jaycee