Friday, May 20, 2016


It's been awhile. But of course it has, because I am terribly unfaithful to my little blog... 

My deep apologies 

So. A few recent updates 

I have completely my first year at Lakewood Park 
I am now a junior! 
I have found my new love for Chemistry and science (weird, right?)
After highschool, I'm considering pursuing becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife 
I am continually blessed by the amazing people placed in my life
Thank you, if you are one of them. :) 
Daily, I am trying to CHOOSE JOY in everything

A few pictures, for you all... 

I have had an awesome year thus far, things are going so, so well in my life right now. 
Thank you Jesus for allowing me to come to this place. 
I am beyond thankful. 

~Sayda Jaycee