Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Findings: POTS

Okay.. so, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about my most recent appointment I went to this morning. I was diagnosed with a heart condition called POTS. 'Stands for something long and unpronounceable. Anyway, so I totally saw it coming. Which was good, because I didn't panic nor freak out. I had small pangs of worries that it wasn't what I was expecting. But it was. Which is both good and bad. 

THE GOOD--It's not life-threatening. (Thank Jesus). It will most likely go away when adulthood creeps up on me. So, nineteen/twenty. It CAN be helped with proper aid. 

THE BAD--I have to deal with it, nonetheless. And that sucks for me.

Brief Description: POTS is basically a long list of random symptoms oddly pieced together. Mostly associated with dizziness, vision blur, heart palpitations, nausea, hot/cold flashes, blackouts, cold and clammy hands and feet, etc. There are a few more things as well.

Healing: Well, there's no immediate pill that you can take and it goes away. Sadly. (Really, really unfortunately). I happen to have to work for this wellness, too. Just like EDS. Lots and lots of liquid. You have to be drinking a TON of water, or really just liquids. And salt. People with POTS, (mostly teenagers) have really low blood pressure. That can be dangerous and cause lots of these type symptoms. I have to work hard by drinking plenty of liquids and consuming an abnormal amount of salt. It all seems strange, but it's true. That's the "healing."

Oh, I also had to go get an EKG and an ECHO. That was weird. 

They hook you up to all sorts of wires and stickers and tubes. It was kinda awkwardly interesting.
It's an ultrasound for your heart, just like an ultrasound to see a baby in the womb.

So, I'm still here. Pressing on. I thank all the people that have been praying for us recently. I am so blessed by all of you. :)