Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good days. Bad days

Well, I'm back to update and chat and share a bit of my recent endeavors. 
I have not been very well as of the late, health speaking. I have had time to rest and cope with the problem presently at hand. And in this case that would be an excessive amount of pain. 
It's relatively horrible, actually. Right now, that is. 

I use rice packs, ice, wraps, heat, and loads of squishy pillows to rest and relieve pain and tension in my joints/muscles. 

Oh, and I'm currently obsessed with YouTube and Harry Potter. Those are my two most favorite past times whilst lying in bed. 

After a day of complete nothingness, I was able to go out and take a few pics in the frigged air.

With Avey, of course. 

PLEASE go check them out. They're in my photography portfolio. :) I really enjoyed taking and editing them. They're super conceptual and creative. 

So there's an update, ta-ta for now.