Friday, November 7, 2014

So Many Worries--His Love Remains

Well, here I am, posting once again, (trying to be a consistent blogger). I am leaving for a short weekend with my family to Michigan. {Yay! Ha. Not really} My dad is teaching a few sessions at Miracle camp, and he wants me to do some fun skits with the audience. I think it's an opportunity to have a small getaway. Unless you're me--The biggest worrier in the whole entire universe. 

What if I get car sick?? (again) What if we crash? What if I can't get all my school done for fresh new Monday? What if the food is gross and I fall terribly ill and I have to go to some hospital in Michigan and not the one in my home town??? Etc. Etc. Etc.

So. Many. Worries

But why? Because, what I am forgetting is to put my hope in God Who sustains and keeps me safe. Ugh. Why can't I see to remember this all of my days? I'm falling apart at the seams, and God is here to sew up my mess and to tailor His child to the person He made her to be. 

And yet I forget. Again and again. But here is my reminder to myself, and to all of you:

Life is messy. Life is a complete disaster. It's chaotic at times....

But when your world is crashing, still His Love remains gracious. Try to keep His Word hidden in your heart. I hope I can encourage you this morning.

Final Word: Jesus remains faithful throughout our clutter.