Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leap: The Lord Has Made You Well

I wanted to share a bit of my heart this evening. I have been a lot better as of the late. Less pain, (more stress, however). My life at the moment is not allowing me to have 'sick days' or 'sleep in days' or even much rest at all. In having to constantly run, run, run, I've found that I am able to function almost normally. My health problems have been put on pause the last few weeks. With school crushing me, I have to push on throughout my long weary days. 

And it's actually been a blessing, strangely enough. I have proven to myself that I am not a sickly girl all the time. I am strong. I have the ability, when I put my mind to something, to get things done. 

Now I'm in NO means saying that I am healed. I wish. Kinda. I, indeed, am not all better; however, I am doing well. Better than I have felt in a long time. :) 

And I can only thank God for this day. This day I leaped for joy, because He has made me well. 

I haven't been able to get myself onto a trampoline in a year and a half. God has given me new-found strength in Him. And I had a single moment, just a few minutes. A short while to jump for Jesus. And I cannot explain the joy and thankfulness I have for that single moment. It was just me and Him. I then and there knew that I would never be able to do this without Him. 

Thank You for this moment, God. I will never forget it.