Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let us Update, Shall We?

And update I will. Get ready, a lot has happened, hence my little time for blogging. 

Well. Here I am. Probably absolutely, positively, indubitably bored when I took this picture. I always need a picture when I update, just in case you forget who I am, or something of the sorts.

I have been busy. <-- That was an understatement to be sure. School has crushed me like a wave, pulling me out and throwing me onto the rocks. (Ah, the metaphors. Oh glorious metaphors).
Anyway, my calender has been filled with times, dates, classes, and appointments to various places.

Oh, one teeny weeny important probably ginormous fact: Our family moved. "Aha! That's why she hasn't been blogging. At. All. Heh." Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. BUT. We've been busy, to say the least. We moved to a huge fixer-upper. We are building a kitchen, tiling floors, installing carpet, etc. It's a ton of work. *whew* I'll post more about the house at a later time.

I do have some photos to share, though. I've been having a ball with my camera lately. I'm trying to take it everywhere I go. And for me, have a long list of back and shoulder problems, hate dragging around my big camera. Though, it's been good, and I got a backpack, rather than a purse or just my camera strap. Anyway, I'm trying to take candid pictures, therefore, I carry it everywhere I go. My shoulders hate me, I can assure you. 

Look at my kitty. She's so big. *sniffle* Where did my ball of fluff go? Oh, this was taken in my new room, which I'll show you a picture at the end. 

Okay, we have the coolest backyard ever. If anyone wants to come over and have there picture taken in my super artistic barn, call me and we'll schedule. I absolutely LOVE this photo, which was snapped by my lovely little sister. :) We're kinda a team now. 

Annnnd... this is also my most beloved fall blanket. I adore it. Even though it has rat poison on it. (That's a story for later). 

Ah, here it is. My sweet hiding place. Our room is so huge, (to me and my sister) that we don't know what to do with all the space. Hey, if you have any ideas, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email. I'm open to trying all sorts of new DIY projects and crafty things. 

I think I'm also planning on updating the "My Story" tab. Everything is always changing with my health. And I'm not even sure when the last update was. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures and a bit of an update from me. I really am a horrid blogger. Not consistent, whatsoever. Oh well. 

                                            Have a splendid day or afternoon or night. :)