Friday, January 2, 2015

A Bandaged Ballerina--What 2014 Has Taught Me

In the fall, I had been dreading the winter, truthfully. 

Last winter was rather traumatic for me--trudging through depression and sickness. However, this winter has been a very different experience. Since last year, I have learned much. 

// WHAT 2014 TAUGHT ME //
I now know what the cause of my health problems are. 
I have a stronger relationship with my parents and best friend. 
I am involved in more, allowing me to leave the house and be out and about. 
I have found love for things other than dance. 
Photography is my new outlet of expression. 
I have a further understanding of health, people, and psychology. 
I can eat food! (Um. Yay)
I have entered highschool with a clean slate and an open mind. 
I have enjoyed being in classes with other people my age. 
I have learned to adjust to change quickly. 
I know that I am now limited--but I know that that will not ruin my life forever. 
I have a relationship with God that I did not last winter. 
I am finally becoming thankful for things, even with life looking bleak. 
I now try to steer my thinking into something that will benefit me. 
I have chosen to end relationships and not expose myself to things that are not benefiting.

Now, there is so much that I wanted to do last year that didn't happen. I know, I know. And I was disappointed. I wanted to dance again. I wanted to swim. I wanted to have a great summer out of my bed. These things did not happen. But, this year is a whole new opportunity to change and to do things differently and better. 

How are you changing? How is God working in your life?