Monday, January 5, 2015

My Wellness Journey--A Refreshing Discovery

So, one of my many New Year goals is to cleanse myself of things that are unclean. Such as unhealthy foods, certain music, social media, relationships, etc. My goal is to stay "clean." 
So, I thought I'd share a delicious and nutritious drink that I've been making and storing in the fridge. It's super easy, have no fear. 

Purified water
One lemon 
Some berries of choice (I like raspberries and blackberries the best)
A tangerine or orange 
mason jar(s)

Add all your ingredients into the jar and store until chilled, unless you desire it instantaneously, then throw in some ice. You could add really any other fruit of your choice. Except bananas. Ew.

Jazz it up a little by adding some fresh mint leaves! 

It stores really well in your fridge. Don't expect a ton of flavor, it just gives a nice, refreshing taste to your water. :) 

It makes me feel like I'm in summer again. But then I remember there's snow on the ground. Oh well. I can pretend.