Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello Lovelies! <3 

Today I was depressed (confession). I get depressed when I'm left alone to do nothing with myself. However, now that I have a better grip on my thoughts, I knew that it is not good for me to sit in my bed all day and think--dwelling on my problems. 

My point: I have created an amazing recipe for healthy ice cream!! This is what happens when I have nothing to do. I LOVE sweets. (Mostly frozen treats, though). So, I got thinking. What can I make that is relatively healthy yet absolutely delicious. I came upon the conclusion on homemade ice cream, or sorbet. 

So, here's how to make 'Sayda's Fabulous Healthy Lemon Ice Cream' Yay!! 

You also need a blender of some sort, I forgot to add that. You cannot jump on it, throw it, smash it with a rock, or use your hands, you actually have to combine these ingredients with a blender.

Anywho, place all these lovely items into your blender and let it mix together until creamy and foamy. It should be pretty liquidy. (Liquidy... yep, that's not a word). You know what I mean.

Then!! Pour your mixture into a glass pan:

Place it in the freezer, checking on it every thirty minutes, or so--to mix it up. In about two hours, it should be solid enough to have an ice-cream-like texture. :) 

Ta-da!! Look at you, so healthy, so Pinteresty. (also not a word).
Good job. 

Be sure to use cane sugar-- NOT cheep refined, white sugar.

Blessings to you and please enjoy my delicious discovery. This will also be added to my page of "Wellness" Go check that out!! 

~Sayda <3