Sunday, February 1, 2015



-I turned fifteen years of age on the 14th-
-I discovered my love for warm bacon and chicken salad-
-I made four new friends-
-I tried to overcome my small-talk awkwardness-
-I found my love relationship with tea-
-I have completed four Harry Potter books-
-I have found a great bedtime routine-
-Coconut Oil is my new best friend, and it should be yours-
-I made it my aim to get through this winter with a happy spirit and not a depressed one-
-I have learned to try to appreciate my limitations-
-I have officially become the most easily frightened human on the face of the earth-
-Seriously, though. I scream at everything-
-I performed the lead role in a play this weekend-
-My love for theatre has grown. Even if I was vomiting from nervousness and crying backstage-
-I possibly have a crush on someone-
-Don't ask who it is-
 -I memorized hundreds of lines and monologues-
 -And I gained two pairs of pjs to add to my collection-

God Bless your winter, wherever you may be. I'm currently snowed in. :) 

~Sayda <3