Monday, April 27, 2015

Lately--My Life is Chaos

I have not written on my blog in far too long. I agree I need to be taking more pictures. 
It seems like so much has happened since my last post on the 3rd of April. 
Let's make a list: I love lists. 

~I got a job! (Whoohoo! I work for Chick-fil-A--the best company to work for)
~I dyed my hair. 

It's red. Scary. But awesome. I actually really love it now! I didn't care for it a ton before, but now I have learned to appreciate it. 

So I dyed it with henna (a natural plant-based hair stain). I thought it wouldn't have much of an effect on my hair. But boy was I wrong! I left it for about an hour, and when I washed it out, I knew right then and there that my hair was quite red. Coming out of the shower that evening, (and after blow drying) I looked like Pippi Longstockings. Oh dear me. That is not what I was going for. 

Anywho, a few more washes and it faded to look pretty natural. Which I'm thankful for. :)

Back to my list: 
~My brother fell twenty five feet out of a tree and landed on his back: (So our lives kinda turned around when that happened. He didn't break any bones. He is walking and talking and there is no brain damage that we can see right now. He is doing much better, despite the fact that he's depressed and in a neck brace. :( Poor dear). I'll keep you updated on him soon.

~Oh, and one more thing. We're foster parents. Our family went from six to nine in twenty four hours. We got a call asking if we could take in three sweet babies. (ten months, two, and three). Life in our house has been crazy. Sadly, I can't put any pictures up of my beautiful foster siblings, since they don't belong to us, and we wouldn't want to upset their birth family. 

Our family is in need of prayer right now. With my brother's injuries, me starting work, two of us in school, and three extra little ones who are desperate of our attention, we are over our heads in chaos! My poor health is shocked at the amount of strain and pressure I've had to endure. Whether it be waking up throughout the night to a crying baby, feeding kids, cleaning our home, entertaining tiny people, working, completing schoolwork, carrying my baby with me wherever I go, and trying to find a little time to myself, I am beyond tired and sore. 

But you know, God knows what He's doing right now. He knew that these kids would show up at our house right when our life would become more hectic. I just need to keep reminding myself to let him handle my anxiety--while I need to relax and take a breath. 

In the meantime, I let myself enjoy these simple lovelies: 

I normally write little and post lots of pictures. But tonight I had a lot to unfold--and less to show. I hope you find encouragement and rest in your own life this week. 

God bless, 

~Sayda Jaycee <3