Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March is Over--WHAT?

Umm.. where did March go? I still feel like it's February. Of 2014. 

I need to keep up, obviously. However, since it is the end of the month, I'd thought I'd do a little "Monthly Favorites" cheesy thingy. It'll be fabulous. Just like all those YouTubers. I would be one of them... but I can't edit videos to save my life. I suck, really. 


Top 5 Favorite Pictures Taken: 

Late Obsessions? 

 Makeup YouTubers. 
Healthy skin care routine (New blog post coming hopefully soon)
My new gray Vans! Love them! 
Nature photography (even though I normally hate it)

What did I do this month? 

Made a new friend. :) 
Found a great bedtime routine. 
Mustered up the courage to ask for prayer in a Bible Study. (big deal, guys)
Took baby pictures for a friend. 
Found that I enjoy eating healthy. 
Decided that gluten is no longer for me. (happy/sad)
And gained a little more confidence in who I am. Which is always beneficial. 

Anywho, enough of this cheesiness. 

I'll be back to update my health life and maybe just maybe I'll post about my new found skin care! 


                ~Sayda <3