Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hello Again, Honey

Hey Lovelies, 
I've been very absent, I know.

Few things:
I spent three weeks in Europe this summer-
I have dipped my toes in the Mediterranean Sea 
I ate baguettes and marmalade 
I had a proper cup of English tea
I heard the name of Jesus be praised in three different languages 
I traveled for over 80+ hours 
I ate nasty Indian Curry plane food
I sat in the fields in the Czech Republic--praying, crying, and asking the Lord for guidance
I took many pictures that I have a hard time looking at because I miss it so much.

I came home. 
Started life again.
I am currently crushed under academic pressure 
I am a bit low. 
Depression is knocking at my door every morning. 
Praying every night I don't open it... let him in.

I have an amazing life.
I have beautiful friends. 
I am blessed. 
And thankful. 
Trying to choose joy through everything.
Through the lows and the highs

Some photographs from my adventures: 


There are a million more. 
So many memories.

What an opportunity. 

I'll hopefully be back to talk more about my travels.