Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016: Some Unfiltered Moments

*whew* This year has flown by. It's unbelievable. 

I have learned, experienced, suffered through, and am thankful for MUCH! 

Some Note-worthy Moments//

1) I started my junior year of highschool! (AND I'M HALF WAY DONE!) 

2) I traveled to Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Atlanta, The Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, & Germany. Wow! This has been the year for the "Well Traveled Birdie"

I have picked up my camera little... and, I hope to pursue other things in the future. 

Though I've put photography aside, I do wish to write & draw more. 

My favorites class in school is ANATOMY! I love, love it! (so nerdy-I know). 

My dream is to still pursue midwifery & now possibly nutrition. 

I have gained a deeper love for people & creation & psychology & woman's health. 

Finally, I spoke out for FREEDOM in front of my entire highschool--sharing my testimony about how the Lord has used DEPRESSION & ANXIETY to Illuminate Hope!

   (Favorite photo from 2016). 

I love you all dearly... all those who keep up on this little blog of mine. I thank the Lord for all those who have prayed for my crazy journey treading the waters of life. God has changed me. I am made new in HIM. Looking back, I am grateful to say that the Lord is bringing me from one degree of glory to another, and I feel like I'm improving every single day! 

Here's to a fabulous 2017. I may be back to write out some goals. :) Love you! 


Here's a grainy selfie for ya'll <3